Case study

Council Offices Brighton Right to Light Analysis

We were commissioned by Brighton and Hove Council to provide Right to Light analysis for the proposed extension and conversion to residential flats for the Old Council offices building in Brighton.

The difficulty for the proposed extension element of the development arose from the current surrounding properties. Brighton’s street scene is generally one of buildings within close proximity of one another, with limited outside amenity space. Buildings overlook each other and many of the inner-city developments are of three or more stories, so natural light availability is already compromised.

We only had limited access to the site so taking this into account an initial overview of the Right to Light conditions were performed to reveal the potential impact on the base level Vertical Sky Component criteria. This initial overview is the basic low level of analysis which is  often accepted by local authorities as an adequate check of the effects on natural light levels.

More info required

Following review by the Brighton and Hove Council planning department, it was deemed that a more detailed, full spectrum analysis was required for this proposed development.

Working closely with Brighton and Hove council we then provided additional full spectrum analysis which covered the following:

  • Vertical Sky Component
  • Daylight Distribution Hours
  • Annual Probable Sunlight hours
  • SkyView analysis

Using historic planning information provided by the council, applying 3D modelling of the site and surrounding areas we were able to make several passes of analysis  and then a full report of findings was provided to the planning department.

The outcome

Following this, it was confirmed that a minor adverse outcome was realised, with some of the surrounding properties having there natural lighting levels reduced by a small but noticeable degree. After thorough review by both the BRE and Brighton and Hove’s planning department it was confirmed that a successful planning application was approved for the works.