Case studies

We love working on a diverse range of projects, working collaboratively with the teams involved. Here are a few case studies we have put together to showcase or range of works.

Council Offices Brighton Right to Light Analysis

We were commissioned by Brighton and Hove Council to provide Right to Light analysis for the proposed extension and conversion to residential flats for the Old Council offices building in Brighton. The difficulty for the proposed extension element of the development arose from the current surrounding properties. Brighton’s street scene is generally one of buildings...Continue reading

Oxshott Care Home Energy

We were commissioned to provide an Energy Statement and Energy Analysis on a large development consisting of 40 bed Extra Care and 75 Bed Care home facilities over 3 blocks to ensure CO2 emissions levels could be achieved in line with the local planning requirements. Some projects just run like clockwork Working closely with the...

LIDL Supermarkets, Peterborough Glare

We were commissioned to undertake internal glare analysis on several LIDL supermarkets and warehouse facilities around the country, this was due to high levels of glare being reported by staff members affecting daily performance and personal wellbeing. The glare was detrimentally affecting staff working within the store, with them reporting being unable to see in...Continue reading

Brook Cottages, Ilkeston

Brook Cottages, Ilkeston

This project was initially for the development of three residential dwellings, including one larger house intended for the client to move into directly. The site is situated at the end of a string of terrace buildings with the access via a very busy and poorly designed four-way junction. The site is also located close to...Continue reading

Gertrude Road, West Bridgford

This small scale project was undertaken for a Private domestic dwelling. The client wanted a  a small side extension to accommodate a workshop for their love of cycling while including  an external space to “wash down” after rides and to also enlarge the kitchen space towards the rear of the property. What we had to...Continue reading